Now that the weather has warmed up many homeowners and property owners are headed out to their local home improvement stores to stock up on fertilizer, flowers, and bags of mulch.

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of things we can burn our hard earned dollars on in the hopes of improving our landscaping and beautifying our homes. But with so many options the question is, where is our money best spent?

What is going to give us the best bang for our buck?

Of course the answer to that question has a lot to do with your property and your goals. However, something you shouldn’t skimp on is mulch.

Mulch is relatively inexpensive, looks great, and offers many benefits for your yard. Here are just 3:

1. Mulch acts as a thermal blanket.

 In the summer temperatures can sore causing heat stress to your plants and shrubs. Mulch, when applied correctly, can help keep soil temperatures down and moisture levels up.

Without mulch the water in your soil evaporates quickly causing the roots of your plants to dry out.

However, under NO circumstances should you over-apply mulch around shrubs or tree trunks. This will hamper proper oxygen exchange and rot the trunks of your trees.

2. Mulch acts as a natural fertilizer.

Yard debris such as leaves, woodchips, and grass when applied at proper amounts can act as a great fertilizing agent. These biodegradables breakdown and aid the growth of your plants by providing important nutrients.

Likewise, wood mulch will break down over time and offer your flowerbeds the same beneficial fertilizing effect.

3. Mulch prevents weed growth.

No one likes pulling weeds. But if you want to enjoy a beautiful and manicured landscape then you will need to contend with them.

If weeds are pulled prior to mulching, you can help deter new weed growth and cut down on your labor time in the yard.

Besides these three benefits, mulch will give your flowerbeds a nice clean look.

But all mulch is not created equal and you need to apply it in the proper areas at the correct depth. Failure to mulch properly can actually cause you more problems than if you don’t mulch at all.

The experts at New Life can evaluate your property and make sure that you are using the best materials and mulching correctly. Get a FREE estimate from New Life today. You’ll be happy you did!