Have you ever experienced jealousy? It’s safe to say we all have at some point.

Jealous about your coworker’s promotion …
Jealous about your uncle’s new sports car (that he’s too old to drive any way) …
Jealous about your neighbor’s beautiful yard that makes yours look pedestrian …

Well, while we can’t help you with your job or your uncle who’s suffering from severe mid to late life crisis, we can help you overcome your landscape envy.

Here’s the thing. Getting your yard from blah to TADA is not as hard as you think. And it doesn’t necessarily mean going into deep debt either.

In fact, transforming your yard from a source of shame to pride is easier than you think.

Here are 7 steps you can take that will help with your property transformation:

1. Add color.

One thing that can absolutely kill your curb appeal is a lack of color. An all green yard might sound good but it doesn’t look so impressive.

Add some color to your flowerbeds and planters. Annuals are not expensive and you can do some real good with a modest budget. Trust us. Drop as little as a hundred dollars on some colorful flowers and plants, spread them throughout your landscaping and see if things don’t pop more.

2. Mix it up.

Just as important as a variety of color is to your yard, so are a variety of plants. If you think the answer to a beautiful yard is buying and planting 5-7 boxwood bushes then you are headed for a yard that screams B-O-R-I-N-G!

Your property needs a variety of plants. Flowers, bushes, planters, and topiaries all should be in the mix.

Variety is key to curb appeal that lasts during the warm months and the cold ones.

Tall bushes, short bushes, annuals, perennials, flowering plants and evergreens all go into the creation of a well balanced and appealing landscape.

3. Provide focal points.

If you ever watched an interior decorating show I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of focal points. It’s no different with landscaping.

Focal points don’t need to be super-elaborate or expensive. But they should be there. Water features are great additions to any yard and they can be relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Give your neighbors something to direct their attention to.

4. Shine some light on it.

Why only show off your yard when it’s sunny out? Some of the most impressive landscapes come alive at nighttime because of well placed lighting.

Lighting can be elaborate and expensive. But is also can be scaled back to be adequate and budget friendly. Not to mention, landscape lighting is low voltage so you aren’t going to kill your electric bill while impressing all the neighbors.

Buy some landscaping lighting and accent your flowerbeds and focal points.

5. Add hardscaping.

This one admittedly can get costly. But nothing says you have to spend a fortune to accomplish your goal.

Hardscaping is permanent, low maintenance, and eye catching.

Adding some simple garden walls around your flower beds can really elevate your yard’s beauty and will look 1,000 X’s better than those tired railroad ties and plastic edging.

6. Build it and they will come.

Again, this step may require a little bit of budgeting but why create a beautiful outdoors if you can’t enjoy it and show it off?

If you live in an area when you get warm seasons you should seriously consider investing in the construction of a beautiful outdoor space.

Go simple or elaborate. But do something.

Add a deck or a raised patio. Think about a sweet pergola and some beautiful outdoor furniture.

No one says you have to do it all at once. Start with the basic and then build out from there.

7. Maintain.

The last step should be an obvious one but unfortunately many homeowners drop the ball right here.

Don’t make the mistake of spending your money on a bunch of yard work and construction just to let it go to (you know).

Maintain your yard.

Cut regularly.
Water regularly.
Apply fertilizer and weed killer regularly.
Power wash and seal as needed.

Get it?

A landscape that wows doesn’t start and end at installation. It’s an ongoing investment.

Of course we recognize that this all sounds like a lot of work. Well it is. Something that’s worth having usually requires effort and investment.

If you want that TADA curb appeal but rather not spend endless hours outside working on it call the experts at New Life.

Our professionals can develop a plan for your property that answers all these concerns and stays within your budget (as long as it’s reasonable).

Get that yard you always wanted and start being the one that makes everyone else jealous.